“If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.” -Genghis Khan

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Interview with Kublai Khan

Reporter: Thank you for letting me interview you shall we get started?

Emperor Khan: Yes, let us begin.

Reporter:“Does being the first non Chinese rulers effect the way you rule China?”

Emperor Khan: “Only in a few ways. Sometimes when we are establishing who is in office we eliminate the Chinese officials and put new Mongolian officials in there place, however, this can cause great confusion when trying to manage a country that is all Chinese. Sometimes we do not understand their culture  and that can cause miscommunication and cause tensions between the Chinese and the Mongolians. I think as a people the Chinese are extremely different in the way they act and behave so we must learn their ways to better understand them as well as to help our communication.”

Reporter: “What is your view on different religions and how they exist together?”

Emperor Khan:  “I am content with other religions as long as the people are happy. I will not destroy a people just because they believe in one thing and I do not.  I was taught by my mother at an early age to be tolerant of people who are different as well as experienced intolerance itself. I remember when I was a young boy another clan of Mongols attacked us just because we were a different clan. We defended ourselves and manged to escape but it’s still an extremely traumatizing experience.”

Reporter: “ You have been in and seen many wars, whats your battle strategy?”

Emperor:  The Mongolians have over one hundred thousand skilled men on horseback who have  been using bows and arrows all their lives.  Our technique is moving fast and striking hard. Our only difficulty is water as my men are not skilled at all with working in water and we do not understand or know how to fight this way. However, we have stolen various ships from our enemies and are using those to create our own fleet”

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